Monday, April 16, 2007

Radiant Life

It was a pretty good movie, it made me realize how much brainless movie i have been consuming over the last year.

The movie showed a lot of folks, in a sense, fell into this suburban trap. They are married, with or planning to be with child or children. And this poster perfect image didnt translate into their lives. They have to drive 2 hrs just to get to work, no one knows anyone, kids can't walk anywhere, only to wonder aimlessly from soccer practice to karate practice. . .

Many seems to be aware of the horrid situation but is unable to find a better alternative, as alternative is to live in the city but under subsidized housing.

While watching the individuals go through a helpless turmoil, there were a few quotes that really resonated with me. it was something like,
  • as we are caught in this spot that we dug for ourselves, we wonder if this is what we really have wanted and is this the life you want to live
  • sometimes i get these great ideas when i am driving, but when i get home, something happens, the kids are in a crisis or there is dinner to prepare and then i forget what the idea even was. life seems to get in the way a lot.
and it worries me that we are all out there chasing our dreams, me included and god, i really just wonder if this is what i really want. What is this happiness i am chasing? Do i even understand what makes me happy?

And i thought, there are just those thoughts you have to acknowledge and then ignore before it eats you up inside.

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