Monday, April 23, 2007


The surgery went much better than expected, and the next day, it was no-work for dirk, and driving to surrey for steven.

Sitting at the no-smoking courtyard in the hospital dirk’s mom is in, I shied away from the his mom’s bedroom when dirk’s eldest sister, Margaret, arrived. I thought it was a good time for some family time. And if I am not mistaken, Margaret is the sister that Dirk believes to have molested him when he was a little boy.

Never confronted, but still talked about this accusation dirk has with me, I think it would have been interesting to see the exchange Dirk and Margaret will have. But here I am, typing in a courtyard, thinking about what family bonds and relationship bonds.

Dirks been on my nerves over the last day. With his mother in the hospital, he has become quite a turmoil, and though I completely understand, it was a little bit hard on myself. Now I am not saying that I expect him to be at my feet every moment during this time. Its just that I almost feel like he is taking me for granted in some ways. When he called the list of numbers he needed to contact regarding getting out of work today, he really was avoiding me. That night in bed, I laid there thinking, what I can’t remember. But I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to sleep at the other end of the bed, something that used to help.

It worked until dirks foot kicked me in the face.

And unfortunately, I didn’t do a true carrie style punch to his face. I just fell right back asleep. The next morning I was woken up by dirks blabbering on the cell phone. Although he was nice enough to talk behind closed doors on the shitter, he really could’ve just talked upstairs. But anyways, that annoyed me some more. Then he didn’t go back to bed and I was up in an hour. Up and prepared to drive him to Surrey. It was okay, but I wished he just said thanks somewhere for being there.

I know some day I will look back and roll at how immature I all am right now. Which is kind of odd, I guess i always thought of myself as mature. Maybe I just put myself in mature situations and act immaturely that’s all.

Dirk’s family will show up soon. Can’t wait.

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