Sunday, August 26, 2007

something about men in movies...

finally found Sarah Harmer's Silver Road song with Tragically Hip still intact, didn't think I would hear it again.

Replaying it consistently on YouTube, I couldn't help but eventually notice the footages the creator edited into the song. Footages from Men With Brooms, which is where the song first originated from. Watching the footage, again and again, I developed a crush for the leading role already. Maybe it was his Canadian good charm, or his leather jacket, or the association with him and a sport, hence manliness, but I grew really comfortable with him. And I am sure the editor of the song felt so too, given that he is in every scene of complied footages. Thanks for the brainwashing, no really!

But I think the real reason that I feel in love with him is the fact that
  1. Silver Road was one of the most important songs in my single life, hearing the song brought back the feeling of loneliness that I have been lucky enough to have forgotten
  2. The more interesting reason is I think that there is something about falling in love with a character in a movie. First there is a story that usually has a happy ending, so you feel euphoric because of that. Second, even if it didn't have a happy ending, watching the movie again and again (which you would if you are in love), proved a predictability that brew comfort. We all want a man with no nasty surprises. PLUS PLUS! you can always just rewind to watch the sweet parts, or the sexual parts, whatever you are in the mood for.