Tuesday, November 28, 2006

lots of work: Part 1

distressed. as opposed to eustress. but then again tons of school work can mean good stress doesnt it? give us a sense of purpose and direction?

i hate it when its the end of a term and i feel so empty, like i have given birth to a baby not mine and i am left to celebrate christmas alone

anyways, this was just me attempting to continue writing when there is clearly not enough time nor topic just so I can really make this a 'habit'

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I got soup

a few days ago a girlfriend of mine told me she had a hard time looking for bums to give them her leftover rice. She explained how she began to make bums out of people that were just bad dressers, if I knew that this was a forshadow for what happened today, i wouldve paid more attention to what a bum really looked like.

it started snowing in Vancouver today, it was magical at first. But soon it turned out to be as annoying and the rain. My foot was frozen for most of the time and i did not enjoy sloshing around in my alexander mcqueen x puma shoes . . .

I went to visit dirk at the restaurant before i went home, and on the way up i saw a bum. which i ignored. But on the way down, I slowly opened the restaurant door to not let her hear me. By the time she heard the door closing, i quickly walked behind her sight and got onto my car. Amused and impressed by my wit and my defeat over someone clearly dumber than me, I giddily drove off.

It was then my guilt decided to visit. I looked at the blizzarding snowstorm and the heat dial in my car set to 'high'. 'Oh they would so enjoy a bowl of soup wouldnt they?'

I drove back to the restaurant and decided to bless this poor outwitted women a bowl of warm soup. Probably not the french onion soup even though its my favorite, just because its a distinct taste. I called dirk in advance to make a bowl, however when i arrived at the restaurant, she was no longer there.

So it was time to drive back home, luckily dirk didnt pour the soup yet so i wasnt going to be charged. On the way back, i unfortunately saw these other bums standing together near the bridge i normally take.

So it was back to dirks.

With the soup bowl in my hand, i quickly parked my car and walked over. The bums looked young, younger than i expected. Two of them anyways. The third one was an old lady that had a clear plastic over her head.

'do you guys want soup?'

One of the guy walked closer to me, 'i dont have any money man! they are always asking for money!'

He threw his hands into his sides, where i assumed the pockets were at in his gray sweats. He pulled both sides towards the air, hitting all the snow falling downward.

'Oh, that is very nice but no thank you,' said the old lady.

Stunned, i turned my back and walked back to my car, soup still attached in hand. And i turned around once to look at the bums that just refused my soup. I can hear the old lady say 'that was nice eh?' as if she had a warm bowl of soup in her stomach already. And the money-less guy kicked the wall, next to the head of the other guy.

On the way back, one hand holding soup, one hand on the steering wheel, i tried to find bums. I guess I should be happy that there werent any i could see except for those ones i talked with.

I imagined the old lady, outside of a shelter, refusing entrance. 'It is so nice they give cold people a place to stay, eh?' she would say to some other bum.

I went home and i drank my soup.

I should have got French Onion.