Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Friday

So it was friday the thirteenth and it wasnt a bad day. But with 4 months of free time up in my face, everyone's comment to me was either 'i hate you' for the fact that i have no finals and am about to graduate ( or maybe its just a i hate you period?) or 'what you gonna do now?'

i never thought of myself as a unemployed graduate, but because of my so called passion in fashion, i didn't apply for any marketing jobs during the hiring fair for all the big firms during october, i am now browsing through jobs, hoping to land a sales job at holt renfrew. . .

there are those who make it and those who dont. . . i for one would like to see myself as a little lost and am only on a simple detour.

so spending some fabulous i-am-done-school-and-have-no-job-time with danette, we went to:

ok so its trashy and we can smoke in there, so its awesome regardless, AND AND!! they have ipod nano nights! its finally time to win my ipod!!

Project Runway Canada emailed me, and then called me to let me know about their extended deadline. This leads to me think two things:

1. that my portfolio is actually close to getting accepted but they just want to see more of what i have made (which is nothing)

2. that they are REALLY low on applicants and need to get more

so i am thinking maybe i will need to sew up a storm some time between now and the 25th of april so i can take a freaking picture of it . . just one picture. countless hours. . . oh fashion.

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