Thursday, April 12, 2007

Future Destination Driving Forward Falling Backwards

Lately an old idea has been popping back in my mind a lot today. Well, its not really popping in my mind so much as people saying things that make me think of them (by them I mean those thoughts).

What I mean is that . . I was in class last week, and the gay asian guy was like flamingly trying to describe how much fun he was having at Celebrities last week. At the mention that I went clubbing too, they verbalized how I didn't appear to be the 'clubbing type', i know that Hongers are very different in their opinions about what is considered good and bad. . . but it made me wonder, what type of person do I represent myself to be? Cuz I never thought I radiated a 'I dont go clubbing' energy. And although I do care about whether I get invited to places for things or not, I am more concerned with what other messages am I sending to the world about me?

More importantly, if everyone thinks you are something, does it make you that thing? Do you know yourself better than others? Or are you just kidding yourself? Who is ultimately correct?

Oh a side note: I love spaghetti heinz with winnie the pooh pastas!!

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Princess Jibi said...

I know what you what you mean.
Becuase I dress in Hijab and stuff, when I talk to people, and the learn that I go out and I work and I listen to music and stuff, the are in total shock.

Its hard for me to make friends sometime, because people see me in hijab and the get these strange ideas about what am like. Until I talk to them, and then they go like
oh your life is very normal...