Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Unofficial 5 Year High School Reunion

just today i was eating at mcdonlads with dirk, and i got a bunch of black pepper packets and told him to start opening them and pour them into the nugget sauces. I told him Terry used to do that for me all the time. And then I said 'I miss high school.'

Funny enough, that night in draping class, i got a call from Adam and he told me that terry is back in town and that they are meeting tonight. So off i went, ditching all responsibilities with dirk. There were a few of us. Ron, Mike Man, Adam, me , terry, and alvin law. i would have preferred just ron adam me and terry, the grade 8 4 of us. but it was nice. I guess we all didn't change too much... and it was nice, we chatted about old times. And we watched reno 911 and ate chips. it was so high school.

when everyone was leaving, i caught adam and terry alone and we stood in the wind next to our cars, and chatted on our own. It was REALLY nice. we took some pictures. and I drove off, for once thinking about something that is gone but not actually sad about it, but able to smile and look back. Deep inside there is a sore spot, but overall, a smile seeped out. I don't know when the 3 of us will get to talk again. But it kicked ass.

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