Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Craigslists' strictly platonic site has always caught my interest when i am bored as hell, reluctant to draw, sew, or drape, I am desperately looking at how others are desperately trying to make a connection.

That said, I have used the service, mostly replying, and once in a while posting. you have to wonder though, just walk out into the streets of Vancouver, and there s people everywhere, who are these people? people just like me that are out there seeking connections, and blatantly out loud online but are too shy to talk with anyone in a coffee shop, bus stop, or grocery line up?

anyways, i have been thinking lately about friends and the lack of it. Seeing how peter didnt share my opinion, or rather he would want to withheld his opinion of his so call friend fat fat now, i felt alone about the issue, as if i was over-sensitive. anyways surprised at the lack of people i can turn to to talk about this situation because me and miran didnt resolve our issue quite just yet, i realize i have this dream slash expectation of having friends that are always there, and you can always talk when you need to.

Dirk said its really a fantasy. I like to think i act that way since i am a pretty big follower for 'do one as you would like to be treated' but i would like to have a mirror image of a friend, just to know what kind of person i really am to my friends

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