Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dinner Sabotage!

During Dirk's surprise birthday party, Felia mentioned that she wanted to meet my mom and have dinner with her and Miran. Miran told me later that night that she wanted just the four of us to be having the dinner. In other words, without Dirk.

I should have picked up a hint at that moment.

But I didnt.

During an awful day long discussion with my mom about all the things wrong with the world, she told me that the last time Miran, Dirk, herself and I had dinner, Miran tried to mention something negative about Dirk. My mom didn't want to bad-mouth anyone right in front of them, regardless of a language barrier. So having this dinner without Dirk should have rang a bell.

But it didn't.

So I guess I have to say I wasn't THAT surprised with what ended up being a dinner intervention/sabotage. It angered me, the content verbatim isn't important. But essentially its a open discussion to diss Dirk in a backhanded way. I was polite, and offered tea. When my mom couldn't hear what Miran said because the restaurant was so loud, I was able to repeat " she said let's hope the relationship doesn't last long for my sake.'

I am frustrated, I know where Miran is coming from, and I know when I thought her girlfriend choice wasn't wise, after she made her decision, I supported her. What I didn't do was invite her parents out and discuss how she being a lesbian is bad despite my own issues around it.

But all all, I do appreciate her trying to get along with Dirk. So I guess I can't have it all. And that is that.

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