Thursday, May 17, 2007


call it spring/summer, call it me trying to cheer myself up... but i am really starting to dig floral and colourful things, really anything. . . i went as far as making my own floral wallpaper, stealing pictures without asking over flickr and deviantart

watched the last top model this cycle and jaslene or whatever her face won. . . woopie . . . not, i like natasha more, but i know jas is prettier and more worthy, but i still like natasha more.

Drag and Crazy together at last

Going to bubble tea with peter and them was sorta awful, realizing (thanks to walter's brilliance) i find that his group probably find time to diss my friend (gay asian) and its helping walter build a stronger bond with the group. its so ridiculous i dont even know how to deal with it
i mean we all trash talk others whenever, but something about it annoyed it, be it the fact that everyone in peters group is catering to peter's ego and opinions, or the fact that walter is using other people's annoying-ness to shadow his own, or just the fact that i didnt say anything about it, it annoyed me.

Anyways, happy thoughts, happy S/S 07 floral...

galliano s/s 07

mcqueen s/s 07

laurent s/s 07


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