Friday, June 01, 2007


so now that its been a day, things are a little dated and i guess less worthwhile, this whole discount of time thing works outside of money

i thought about it, and i know i thought about it during the walk last night, but i guess i was too tired to get that far about it.

i thought that maybe this is just a way of telling me that i really dont deserve an ipod. that i have so many other things that played music, like my cell phone, or my ds. and that these other people dont have any of it, of course thoughts like well peter won one when he didnt want one came to my mind, and i know he gave it to marshall. . . so maybe marshall deserved it

regardless, i know i said how i did all these things for celia, but i know she did good things for me too, and thats the point

sadly, whenever i start writing, all the nicer deeper thoughts through out the day just disspates into the fucking air. hence rants and rants

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