Thursday, June 07, 2007


so I talked with Miran, and she doesn't think Dirk cheated. I was angry, and funny enough, we went to night market with Q & D that night. It was a strange occurrence as I was sitting outside of Dirk's house typing him that email. And debating whether to enter his house or not. I knew that all that needs to be said was in the email and going in is only me being weak. Going in meant forgiving, whether Dirk knew it or not.

Sadly, I didn't have anywhere else to go. I tried to contact some friends, all of which were in the midst of their own life and activities. Including Q&D, saying that they will be going to the night market with some friends. After I hung up, i walked up to Dirk's, thinking 'i mind as well go in, as no one is going to invite me anywhere anyways'

right after that Q called and asked if i wanted to go. What's more is that he only had one spot in his car. So i agreed.

Then i guess some twisted luck, the other couple wanted to drive there themselves, so they had more spots and asked if dirk would go. I wasn't one to answer for him. So i asked for him. And thats how it happened.

He bought me a stuffed animal, and responded my email for 3 hrs till 3 in the morning. it was sweet. content-wise, not so much but it was still sweet. Next day we had printed versions of the letter and discussed the order of business together.

So i guess that is THAT?

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