Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tears and Saturdays

I think its always nice and awkward when a friend calls and they end up or already are, crying. It makes you feel special, or at least makes you wonder, how many people can they decide to call during their weak and teary moments? Mind you, it hasn’t happened to me for a long time now. And that makes me question my relationship with many, its still interesting for me to consider the occasion. To open up to someone and show this vulnerable side, it takes a trusting relationship. To be honest I have never seen Dirk cry either. I wonder if he could.

Regardless, its Saturday, and I am at Blenz typing away. With an average looking man next to me. At first I was somewhat bothered at the loneliness, a common struggle on the weekends, but then I remember what Carrie says about her Saturdays, “it was a care free and uneventful Saturday, 3 cups of latte and 2 fashion magazines later…” and that didn’t make me feel so bad. Because she is fabulous, and so am I.

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