Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Life Directions

Visiting Celia over the weekend to pick up the sewing machine. I came in to take a look at her graduation photos and help pick out which ones she should purchase. Looking at the graduation pictures, we talked about what she was going to do after her graduation.

Celia had a rich enough family so she wasn’t forced to work through university. But she did have part time jobs that were unrelated to her degree in economics. Economics to Asians was the anthropology of the whites, the fall back degree where their parents wont be so upset about.

Not knowing where her passion lies, Celia picked up a mail from Blanche McDonalds and mentioned how they had a hair program.

“For you?” I asked, “as a career?”
“No just for myself for fun,” she said.
“People do those programs for getting jobs, Celia,”
“I know…”

We went over her list of choices, she suggested working for a financial company and taking the place of a friend who is going back to HK, she also talked about being a model, for fun, toy designing, entrepreneur, and I suggested her potential in public relations.

Its amazing to think that at this point, at 22, we are to by now know what we want to do. And I kept thinking, as I was driving home, do I know what I want to do? Maybe I am just pretending to know what I want. And I know I ask this all the time, but does it get answered all the time? Hell no.

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